Thursday, 2 July 2009

I LOVE being a beach bum!

Hi All, from Cairns, Australia!

Well I am not doing too badly, glad to be back in a 'western' country for some food other than that of rice and noodles! Cereal also, milk, beer other than larger, English language everywhere! However there is one problem, major problem, beer... its bloody expensive 3.40 quid a pint whaaaaatttt! Outrage! Oh well not much I can do about it, it's not like I am going to give up consumption!

Malaysia, it's nice.

On the bus from KL to the Kuala Besut for the boat to the Perhentian Islands I met two Lybian guys (Ashraf and Keis) and two Norwegian girls (Caroline and Audhild [;)]). I spent my three days on the Island with them which was cool, the first night because of a lack of bed I slept on the floor on the Lybian guys room for free, not the most comfortable but after a few beers who cares! I pretty much spent the three days either underwater diving or on the beach sun bathing/ roasting! The diving was really good, I managed to get three dives in for a ridiculously cheap price (in comparison to the UK)! Lot's of coral and and LOADS of fish, some cool drifts and one swim-through! The beach, well there is not much to say about that one just sitting there in the sun or floating leisurely in the sea.

The evenings were spent in the local beach bar sitting around low table's drinking Tiger and talking. I have also come to realise that one needs to make a visit to Norway in the VERY near future. Lads if your reading this, any one up for going?

After the Perhentian Island I got a bus from the local mainland town to Singapore overnight. I was lucky enough to have the back row all to myself allowing me to sleep for most of the journey, a rarity!

Singapore like KL is awesome. Lovely city, has all the asian culture but is more developed than London! Neil managed to get me somewhere to crash at his friends house, which is quite possibly the nicest place I have stayed in the last 9 weeks. Their house is really nice, open plan, extremely comfortable bed, AC, TV, sofa, internet that is fast and brilliant company. I stayed with Steve his wife Adhe and their daughter Samantha. The first day was spent pretty much relaxing, recharging those batteries. In the afternoon I got the tube into town to meet tom and nicole for some shopping and dinner on Orchard Street. The second day was also spent walking around the city, Clarke Quay, the CBD, Orchard Street again. In the evening I had some lovely Indonesian food cooked by Adhe with the family and spent the evening drinking beer and watching Top Gear with Steve. The third day before my flight I went to Singapore Zoo with Adhe and Sam in the morning. The Zoo is hailed to be the best in the world as there are no real 'cages'. Surrounding each of the enclosures in a moat an electrified wire as opposed to iron bars. Monkeys seem to just own the place swinging from all of the trees all over the park. The afternoon was spent trying to uplaod some photos onto facebook before going to the airport for my flight.

The flight went okay was not the most comfortable meaning I did not sleep all that much. When we landed in Brisbane before our flight to Cairns for a short while, just so that I could freeze my nut.

Oz in nice though I really like it, a tad on the expensive side but I was expecting that. Tom, Nicole and I rented a Motorhome for the next two weeks today. We pick it up tomorrow and head north. Update of my Aussie travels to follow.

Hope all is well at home with you lucky sods as it appears that the UK is hotter than Australia at the moment... swines!

Adios Jared


Kim said...

Have fun tonight!!

saapple said...

Reading about your travels is very enjoyable and I'm glad you're having fun. The pictures on Facebook are great too. Thanks for posting them.

Chris said...

Any plans to hookup with your Norwegian friends later in the trip?

f_hubbard said...

Great talking to you the nother day. Can't wait to see the pictures. You nshould have a fantastic slike show.