Wednesday, 29 April 2009

on the plane!

hi all. Just one last post before i get there. Take off has been delayed 20 mins so thought id update using my phone. Cant wait to land in bangkok only 14 hours away! Looks like the weather is going to be bloody hot and humid. 3 days in bangkok staying at the phiman water view hostel right on the river, just up from ko sanh road. Then on to a bus to hat lek and cambodia! Adios jared

Sunday, 26 April 2009

T-Minus 2 Days!

Hi Again

Only two days now and still a fair amount to do. Still have to sort some insurance out! I did however manage to get some travelers cheques (USD) and some Baht from the travel agents the other day. I also booked my accommodation for three days in Bangkok, staying at a place called Phiman Water View. Looking at their Web site appears to be a really nice place, cheap too, right on the water front.

Ill update once I get there.


Friday, 10 April 2009

Only 19 bloody days left!!!

Hello all again,

Not long until I go now, still lots to do. I've got so much to think about:

Cards - which ones?
How to send my money overseas
Equipment - what will I need
Where to go
What to see
Whether or not to buy a car in New Zealand?
Will I run out of money.
If i order this will it get to me in time!

yadda yadda yadda the list goes on.

Well any how I managed to sell my car to a nice bloke this morning for his son to start driving in, got a good price for it, chuffed. This now means that my savings for my travels are coming along nicely so I should hold out okay for the duration of my trip.

Well I am going to sign off for now, not much more to add from my other posts, other than I managed to get my job back; sent a few emails, annoyed one or two people, but hey gotta think of Number 1!

I'll update once I arrive in Bangkok.

I'll be leaving on the 29th of April Terminal 3 Heathrow Airport 10 am!