Friday, 5 February 2010

So Cal meant to be sunny...right?


Well its about time that I sat myself down in front of a computer, for many hours I might add, and update this blog to real time!

So you've read already about the events leading up to the flight, well luckily enough the flight itself was rather uneventful, as per usual I found it extremely hard to get any shut eye, even after consuming a few whiskey and ginger ale's! I also managed to rush through LAX at the other end, these kinds of things aren't meant to happen, c'mon my bags are meant to be late, at least the immigration guy should be an arse, this guy was pleasant and chatty...whats going on?

Well LA was a bit of a soggy affair I seemed to have timed my arrival with one of the largest storms they've had a long while, oh joy. LA is not great at the best of time's but when it rains its just plain miserable. As such I didn't actually get to see that much apart from Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Strip and the odd shopping mall. I did, rather bravely I may add, venture into downtown LA as I wanted to see the Disney Concert hall and whatever else downtown had to offer... nothing. I didn't even make it out to Venice beach or Universal Studios! I did however meet some cool people, I hung out with a Swedish guy called Freddie and a German lass called Jenin. The hostel itself was kinda cool they ran an open mike night which after a few beers was absolutely amazing! I also discovered that French-Canadian women can be incredibly attractive, I'm thinking of going to Montreal now ;).

Next stop after LA was to Santa Barbara on my first ever and worse so far Greyhound trip. First off I alighted at 7th street, downtown LA as my map told me that the Greyhound was on 7th. What I failed to notice was that it was on East 7th which is bloody miles away, at least 15 minutes by bus. Arriving at the station just on time I got my ticket and then found out, the hard way, one of Greyhounds infuriating annoyances; they just love to overbook buses and seats are allocated on a first come first serve basis! You guessed it, I didn't make the bus and I had to wait 6 hour's for the next one in a station full of crazy peoples, no not really just the odd one or two, I added a few more to give the dialogue some element of danger, I've gotta make LA seem interesting some how!

Well arriving at SB at night really didn't give me the chance to have a look around so I headed straight for the hostel and checked in. I got talking to an American guy, Matt from St Louis, Missouri, in short order we were walking downtown and enjoying a pint in a rowdy bar. The next day was spent on two wheels exploring all that the SB area could offer, luckily for us the weather was great! In LA I was obviously sheltered from the storm somewhat as all along the beach in SB were grounded boats! There was a lovely old Spanish Mission that we visited and had a walk around just a short ride outta town. In the late afternoon we cycled down to the peir as there was meant to be an Australian celebration and I was intrigued as to how SB residents would celebrate Australia. Unfortunately we couldnt find it, somehow, and I have no idea here, we 'just' appeared in a bar and happened to be sitting down trying all of the microbrews with the barman. Strange how these things happen.

Well the next day I arose early and took the Greyhound (unneventful this time) to Santa Cruz. Unfortunately SC was not gifted with the same sunshine that I had down in SB, which rather put a bit of a downer on things seen as SC is a beach/ surfing destination. The hostel was great but they shut you out for half of the day! I spent the next day walking around with a really nice guy who spent his life on organic farms. We walked down to Natural Arches State Beach expecting some impressive sight, but all we got was one unimressive coastal arch (the rest collapsed... 50 years ago) and scrub land. The town of SC was not that great in the rain either. By the looks of things I'm going to have to come and visit all of these places for a second time in the summer!

Next instalment SAN FRANCISCO, wahoooo!


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