Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Planning Planning Planning

Hi again.

Planning..... its sucks, why cannot someone else do it for you!

When I went to Greece back in 2005 after finishing my A-levels, my friend and I just bought return tickets to Greece, that pretty much it (oh apart from the first weeks accommodation), we made up the rest of our time. But I guess that was only for a month and our ONLY travel option between islands were ferries with timetables and fixed prices in the EU! A tad easier.

RTW trips require a whole load more planning, visas, trains, buses, boats, accommodation... the list goes one. Money also seems to be a huge worry; will I have enough to last?

Travel books seem to be a good idea but a lot of them are already at least two years from being published. The Internet seems to be the best resource, but damn it takes alot of searching!

Right I'd better let you know what the plan is so far. London to Bangkok stay there for a few days (3-4?), then get a night bus to Kong Koh (I think that's the name at least), cross into southern Cambodia travel the southern coast into Vietnam......... and that's it. I have only read about that part of SE Asia in the books so far! loads more left then!

Right I'm going to sign off. Will be updating the post once I have a more comprehensive plan.


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