Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Closing Time + redundancy

Hi All

I though it about time for another update since it has been a while and speaking of being a while, that is what my trip is not! Only 42 days now and still LOADS to do. 

I was made redundant from work last week, not something that you really want to hear so close to you trip with still more money to save. I have however had a productive week off, I managed to register with 4 other temping agencies which will hopefully bring about some work, sell my old working boots to a nice Scottish man and spring clean my car in time for sale. Even though I did inevitably loose money, hopefully my actions will make some money for me.

Back to my trip now... I finally hauled my arse into gear and applied for my New Zealand working visa (now approved!) and will be applying for my Thailand & Australian visa tomorrow; the others I believe can be obtained out there.

I had a bit of a result last week as I managed to persuade one of my good friends, SteveO to meet us out in New Zealand and then to come with us to the US. I also watched the BBC documentary on Yosemite Tuesday gone and boy I had no idea that it got that cold in the northern US states; on that note I think I am going to have to drastically alter my route across the states!

I have also been keeping myself busy by doing some more reading about the places that I want to visit, I now have a good idea of where I would like to go in Cambodia, Vietnam and New Zealand. I still have no ideas about where to visit in Laos, Thailand and Australia, I'm erring towards the side of making it up whilst I am out there.

Any how signing off for now, I will try and update a couple of times before my expected departure date.


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