Wednesday, 29 April 2009

on the plane!

hi all. Just one last post before i get there. Take off has been delayed 20 mins so thought id update using my phone. Cant wait to land in bangkok only 14 hours away! Looks like the weather is going to be bloody hot and humid. 3 days in bangkok staying at the phiman water view hostel right on the river, just up from ko sanh road. Then on to a bus to hat lek and cambodia! Adios jared


lloyd said...

Hey ya mate, just thought id say another good luck, hope it goes ok, im sure you'll have a great time!!

Kilion said...

these blogspot blogs really suck for layout and ergonomics... you should of got a wordpress blog. consider changing if its not too much hassle?

anyway hope you got there safe. well looking forward to this blog.

check out for some travel info. i always thought that site was top. has a real rustic feel to it.

Killian x

Maxfish said...

Dude, Thailand is theee place to catch sailfish so if you can(if it's within your budget) get out on a deep sea fishing boat and hook up with one of those beasts. You should hit the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan- the next one is on Saturday May 9th so if your still hanging about in Thailand, you should DEFINATELY go there. If you cant make that then go to the Half Moon party tomrrow 1st May! But Jared, remember to watch out for Adams apples coz we knows what you're like when you're plastered. Big kiss mate x