Saturday, 2 May 2009

First Update from BANGKOK!!!!

Hello All

This is my first update from Bangkok, and boy is it interesting!

There is so much to tell I have seen loads and its soo bloody cheap.

First day in BKK was really interesting, damn taxi man tried to pull one over on us. He kept flicking this switch by his steering wheel making the charge shoot up to about 600 baht (12 quid). I just got out and started bartering with him. Managed to get him down though.

Our hostel is pretty cool, we're right on the river front (skanky ass river!), to get to the hostel you have to walk down these really small side streets, slum!

Yesterday we started talking to this Thai student on the street who told us where the really cool places to go were, he then flagged down a couple of tuk tuks for us, who droves us around the city for a good couple of hours to all of these temples and Buddhas which are normally closed but were open due to a Buddha holiday, all for the measly sum of 50 pence!!

Food from the street vendors is also brilliant, you can eat a really nice chicken noodle soup for around 60p or pad thai (fried egg noodles) for 50p.

Today I went to the royal palace which was rather stunning, gold every where!

Off to Koh Sanh Road tonight for some beer and more cheap food. Off to the eastern bus station to get a bus to Trat and then on to Koh Kong, just over the border in Cambodia.

I'll try to update later in the week probably will not be until i get to Phnom Penh in about 6 days.

Hope all is well back home with you lot.

Adios Jared

P.S. i will endeavor to update some photos soon.

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